So, you want a website?

If you’re on this page, you’ve asked me about building you a website. I might take it on, depending on complexity, and my time available. I sometimes do it for free, depending on the purpose of the site.

You could try doing it yourself, if it’s fairly basic (text, images, contact form), and you’re not particularly tech-phobic, with one of these:

  • Wix (free with ads, or from USD$10/month)
  • Squarespace (from A$16/month)
  • Weebly (free with ads, or from USD$8/month)

Too hard? Let’s keep talking then …

With WordPress, some “external” (unavoidable) costs are:

  • Hosting (eg Siteground $60-$200/year) – they start off with a really cheap price, which you can pay 1-3 years upfront, then the prices goes up steeply … bastards
  • Domain name ($10-$50/year) – sometimes included free with hosting

Some other things to note:

  • WordPress websites need to be maintained (maybe once a month checking all plugins and WP core are up to date) – are you willing for me to teach you how to do this? (If not, I can maintain it for you, for a small cost).
  • If you want to regularly add content to the site, either I can teach you how to do that (it’s not hard), or I can occasionally upload things you send me.
  • SEO is a different matter from “building a website”. I can set up the basics for it, but it’s not my specialty.

Please fill in whatever details you can. I’ll get back to you shortly!

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