Learn NVC

This site offers a number of options for learning NVC.

  • Sign up for my online course, which will teach you to use this life-changing proccess with great depth.
  • Practice using the interactive “Find Peace” tool I’ve created, which has links to many different pages which will teach you the steps as you go.
  • Authentic Communication coaching – one on one coaching, via Zoom (contact me to see if we’re a fit)
  • Free “Introduction to NVC” webinars each month (coming really, really soon)
  • Weekly NVC practice group, on Zoom (also coming soon!)

Not sure where to start? Contact me and I’ll help you figure it out 🙂

Other free resources

The main NVC “text”, read by Marshall Rosenberg himself, free 5 hour youtube video!

Miki Kashtan has now released her online course, 10 years in the making! I couldn’t recommend it more highly. You can sign up here.