1.1 Welcome!


How to get the most out of the course

Do the practice

Most lessons have a worksheet to practice the ideas in the video. See where it says “Lesson” and “Materials” just above the video? Click on “Materials” to see the worksheets and any other handouts for each lesson. Try it now!

Start an NVC Journal

I really encourage you to get yourself a specific journal for this course, where you can

  • keep the worksheets, feelings and needs lists, and any other handouts
  • do the exercises
  • practice the 4 step NVC process that you’ll learn
  • write notes about what you’re learning in this course
  • write down any insights you have along the way

The act of writing actually engages a different part of the brain, which adds to your ability to remember, process and use the ideas in the future.


The more you interact with the other students, and with me, the more you’ll integrate and deepen what you’re learning. You can …

  • leave comments on the lessons – questions, thoughts, ponderings. Try that out now by sharing in the comments below, why you signed up for this course.
  • reply to each other’s comments
  • email me with any questions or comments you have, or use the contact form here.

Let’s get started!

You found the right section!  This is where you'll find the worksheets and any other resources for each lesson. Click on "Lesson" up the top to go back to the video, or "Next lesson" to move on.

5 thoughts on “1.1 Welcome!”

  1. Hi all
    I’m Leanne. I’ve done a weekend course in NVC a few years ago but I didn’t commit to integrating it into my life. I now want to do that. Apart from the daily opportunities I have to practice my learning with my two boys (13 and 9), I’ve just embarked on a career change following a 20 year corporate career. Starting yesterday, I’m studying a Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (online) through the University of Melbourne / Dulwich Centre in Adelaide.
    I’m an Aboriginal descendant with bloodlines to the Yugambeh people of the Gold Coast and the Quandamooka people of Moreton Bay area. I want to work more with community and use my NVC and Narrative Therapy skills to build bridges and to strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, across Indigenous communities, and between all of us complex humans generally.
    I’m looking forward to meeting and learning alongside all of you.

  2. thanks julie for your passion for something that can be so life changing. we have learnt sveeral times but still struggle sometimes and yes i think its about dedicated practice.

    1. wonderful! yes, practice is so essential, AND there’s so much nuance to using NVC that I think gets missed in how it’s taught, that makes such a difference in how we use it, and how well it works for us. I’m so looking forward to seeing how we can grow your NVC practice 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m Julie, and I created this course because I’m passionate about sharing warm, resonant trauma-informed NVC with the world! I always found life harder than it seemed it should be, and this course is the end result of 40 years of searching, learning, experimenting, collating, culling and integrating. It’s where I teach all the things that actually work.

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