4 thoughts on “1.6 We can’t read minds”

  1. In this context, I was just reminded of a ‘conversation’ I had last night and of how inadequate technology is for meaningful, safe and compassionate communication. These days I have so many quick and convenient ‘conversations’ via text message and social media and the amount of iceberg visible out of the water is even smaller. There are no facial expressions (emojis are not a substitute); no body language; no tone of voice; no volume changes; etc. It’s just the words. That is fraught with misunderstanding and misinterpretation. *No wonder* my text conversation last night didn’t end well.

  2. “No wonder!” I love that.
    Based on the Narrative Therapy course I’m doing, we could also add ‘gender’ to that list of things we can’t see. Asking people about their preferred pronouns (e.g. I refer to myself as ‘she / her’) is becoming commonplace because we cannot assume that, if someone *looks* female they must be ‘she/her’. Many individuals who choose something other than the binary ‘male OR female’ gender are choosing to refer to themselves as ‘they/them’.

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