1.9 Congratulations!

You’ve finished the first module, and you’ve learned some concepts that will help you through the rest of the course. Well done on taking it all in, and doing the worksheets.

You put in the effort to watch the videos, and you did the work. Was it worth it? What can you do differently now, that you couldn’t before? Here’s what I’m hoping it brought you: 

When you’re upset, you might remember that lizard brain is a thing, and that it’s probably what’s in charge right now, and perhaps you can stop trying to talk yourself out of your upset, knowing that lizard brain isn’t rational and doesn’t use language. Instead, you might try to find ways to feel more safe, and give yourself time for your nervous system to settle.

Perhaps you can even remind yourself that no matter how crazy your feelings might be right now, they (and you!) actually make complete sense in the wider picture, and that might help you to be gentler with yourself. 

You might even be able to hold this information for others – that when you see other people behaving badly, you might remember that they’re probably in lizard brain, and they’re not fully in control of their rational minds. And that they’re being driven by a whole bunch of background stuff that even they don’t necessarily understand. So you might be more gentle with them as well.  

Having seen the brief outline of NVC, perhaps when you have conflict now, you’ll have a sense of hope that there is another way to do this … you don’t know yet HOW to do that, but that’s what the rest of the course will be about.

Did you create a journal, like I suggested in Lesson 1.1? Take a moment now to write down

  • things you might be able to do differently now, like the ones I’ve mentioned above, or any others that might occur to you
  • any insights you’ve had in this module
  • anything you noticed about yourself, that you weren’t so clear on before?
  • anything you’re struggling with that you’re hoping this course will help with.

Come back to these regularly along the way, to see if you’re making progress on them, and please ask questions in the live calls (or email me, if it’s more sensitive) to make sure you get what you need. (I cherish such questions, as they help me adapt the course to make it more helpful for everyone).

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