the Needs List

In this tool, I’ve used the needs list developed by Miki, Arnina and Inbal Kashtan. I have, however, added the following words:

  • Connection to self
  • Connection to body
  • Connection to nature
  • Connection to spirit

Miki and I have discussed this at length – my understanding is that she sees these as already inherent in us, therefore not necessary on a needs list. For me, I think our domination culture has made us disconnect from those things, has dehumanized us at our very core, and I want to be reminded, on the needs list, that these things are THERE.

I also added the word “Teamwork” that I like better than “Co-operation” – mostly because I think people tend to misuse co-operation to mean “I want the person to do what I want” (i.e. a demand). Miki prefers to keep “co-operation”, so I’ve kept both.